Dear customers!

☯ All the items featured at Fraktality are made to order. All the items will be manufactured in order they are received. The approximate time for making and shipping one order is 4-6 weeks.

☯ When ordering expedited delivery(DHL), remember that we also need to produce it in the order of priority, it takes !!!10-30 days to manufacture!!!

☯ Fraktality is owned and operated by two persons, Nick and Kate. Every your order is done one at a time, manually.

☯Some countries may charge you additional customs fees depending on the size and weight of the package. Usually it is not a large amount under $ 30 if the package is very large

If you are from Russia, orders are shipped by СDEK

Значок "Проверено сообществом"
Security Guarantees
Your payment card details are guaranteed to be protected in accordance with PCI DSS security standards. Card details are entered on a secure bank payment page, information is transferred using SSL encryption technology. Further transmission of information takes place through closed banking networks with the highest level of reliability. For additional authentication of the Cardholder, the 3D-Secure protocol for VISA and Mastercard and the EMV 3DS (Mir Accept 2.0) protocol for MIR cards are used. If the Issuer supports this technology, you will be redirected to its server to enter additional payment details. For the EMV 3DS (Mir Accept 2.0) protocol, there may be no separate page for entering additional information to confirm the payment in case of automated authentication on the side of the card issuer.”
If you receive a broken or damaged product, we will make a replacement for you and send it free of charge, or refund within 30 calendar days after the request
Prices on our website start from $20 for a phone case up to $400 for a large size holographic poster
Thank you for patience and support.


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