Online Courses

Lenticular printing is a technical and tricky field that can require a steep learning curve for beginners. Having good training materials and an experienced support team to rely on can make all the difference in learning this technique successfully.

Fraktality provides video courses that explain step by step how to produce top quality lenticular effects. We cover the entire lenticular workflow, from the design of the different effects and image preparation stages, to printing on the lenses and finishing, including all printer equipment settings, pitch calibration and lenticular interlacing.

Our courses have been developed by renowned lenticular printing experts who have been at the forefront of this industry for more than 7 years. We offer dedicated support so that you feel assisted at all times during the implementation of lenticular printing technology in your business. We have worked with 3D artists, photographers, advertisers, communication agencies, event companies and printers of all sizes, so we know how to help you.

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