“Deku Art” Boku no hero – Anime Art by Ztatikone



Limited edition 99 pieces


Delivery from Russia

Artist – Ztatikone




Art Prints Ztatikone: “Deku Art” Boku no hero Anime Art

Ztatikone present a very special time-limited edition Deku Art print release for this holiday season! The print, “Deku” anime serial “Boku no hero“. Ztatikone is an illustrator who documents his anime art voyages in his intricate artwork.

Artist Ztatikone: “I share my latest works of #pokemon in graffiti friends are in Santiago & German Villa I’m trying to paint one in each region, I hope more of some is pokerada now and they like, if you can share them great & support with their powerful like level God Blue great 🔥 ✊ 🏻 ✨ good week”

Izuku Midoriya (みどりいず Midoriya Izuku), also known as Deku Art (デク Deku), is the primary protagonist of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series.

Deku Art is somewhat short for his age, his round face framed by a short mess of fluffy dark-green hair which sticks up at odd angles around his head, casting noticeably dark shadows onto itself. His eyes are large and somewhat circular, their irises the same green color as his hair, which at times are very watery, usually stretched quite wide, giving him an innocent appearance. He has a set of four symmetrical freckles in diamond formations, one on each cheek, but despite these prominent traits, he’s often described by others as being plain-looking.

The cost you pay for includes the production, frame, packaging and delivery. The amount that remains is divided between the artists. We are deeply grateful for your support! Please, note that delivery is carried out the other end of the world and takes its time. It usually takes 3-5 weeks before orders are in your hands, please plan your gifts in advance!

Anime Deku Art  – aimed at using graphic, abstract literary, and cinematic techniques for esoteric research, achieving trance, and searching for spiritual revelation to Digital ART.

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