“Portals” Visionary & Intuitive Art by MERRIN WINKEL



Limited edition 30 pieces


Delivery from Russia

Artist – Merrin’s Art


Art Prints Merrin’s Art : “Portals” Fantasy Art

Merrin’s Art present a very special time-limited edition art print release for this holiday season! The print, «Portals». About the Artist MERRIN WINKEL: “I was born in Alexandria, Virginia, United States, Planet Earth. I am a peace-loving intuitive, creative and visionary artist. My goal is to spread love and inspire others to expand their own consciousness through expressing their pure inner being through artistic mea.” We are all divine spiritual beings living a temporary human experience. spread peace and love always. learn to enjoy every aspect of life and cherish those who uplift your soul.

“Love, Consciousness & Creativity”

The cost you pay for includes the production, frame, packaging and delivery. The amount that remains is divided between the artists. We are deeply grateful for your support! Please, note that delivery is carried out the other end of the world and takes its time. It usually takes 3-5 weeks before orders are in your hands, please plan your gifts in advance!

Fantasy Art – aimed at using graphic, literary, and cinematic techniques for esoteric research, achieving trance, and searching for spiritual revelation.

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