“THE SOURCE” Trippy Psy Art – Print by Callie Fink & Steezzzyy



Limited edition 100 pieces


Delivery from Russia

Artist – https://www.instagram.com/steezzzyy/ , https://www.instagram.com/calliefinkart/

FRAKTALITY – Animate and made


Art Prints Callie Fink&Steezzzyy: “THE SOURCE”

Callie Fink ART present a very special time-limited edition print Trippy Art release for this holiday season! The print poster, «THE SOURCE». A celebration of psychedelics, entheogens and the discoveries and creations that keep us exploring as psychonauts… and that famous ride. We are Molecule C, a collaborative art collective curated by Callie Fink and Steezzzyy. Our mission is to serve our friends and the community with thought-provoking, enlightening art pieces to stimulate the senses and provide insight into our perspective on the Truth of Life.

“You aren’t your work, your accomplishments, your possessions, your home, your family… your anything. You’re a creation of The Source, dressed in a physical human body intended to experience and enjoy life on Earth.”

Whether it be the afterlife or reincarnation, our soul is and always will be ETERNAL. We determine where we go and what level of enlightenment we reach in each body we’re born in. Make the most of this life and create happiness wherever you go. After all, we all come from the same Source Of Creation….

The cost you pay for includes the production, frame, packaging and delivery. The amount that remains is divided between the artists. We are deeply grateful for your support! Please, note that delivery is carried out the other end of the world and takes its time. It usually takes 3-5 weeks before orders are in your hands, please plan your gifts in advance!

Trippy Art PSY – aimed at using graphic, literary, and cinematic techniques for esoteric research, achieving trance, and searching for spiritual revelation.

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