“GratefulDeadArt” Psychedelic Art by Fraktality



Limited edition 66 pieces


Delivery from Russia

Artist – Fraktality



3D Art Prints Fraktality: “GratefulDeadArt”

Fraktality present a very special time-limited edition psy art of the day print release for this holiday season! The print, «Grateful Dead Art». More works in the style of Psychedelic 3D Hologram Posters by author of Fraktality you can see here. Modern Abstract Art Painting.

Grateful Dead — main group in the history of psychonautics and is not so much a group as a large American cult and Art. Grateful Dead became the founders of American psychedelic rock. The Grateful Dead are known for their unique and eclectic style of songwriting, which includes elements of the rock, psychedelic, Blues, country, folk, bluegrass, and jazz genres…

Name Grateful Dead was taken from a legend, spread in various forms in different cultures, about a person who buried a dead person, who for some reason refused to be buried by others. Later, this person gets into trouble, and the spirit of the “grateful dead” helps him out.

The cost you pay for includes the production, frame, packaging and delivery. We are deeply grateful for your support! Please, note that delivery is carried out the other end of the world and takes its time. It usually takes 3-5 weeks before orders are in your hands, please plan your gifts in advance!

Surrealistic Art – aimed at using graphic, psychedelic literary, and cinematic techniques for esoteric research, achieving trance and searching for spiritual revelation to Abstract ART.

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